Complete Order Guide
(english version)

Leave your reservation on the comment box.
-number of shirts
-cellphone number
-email address (if you're not in the Philippines)
Maximum of 2 shirts per person.

Reservation List 
Reservations will be based on chronological order (First come, first serve.)

When you get a confirmation text message or email, that means your order was reserved. Reply with your complete name, and shipping address.

Official mobile confirmation number: 09065696623
Official confirmation email address: MgaEpalFactory[at]gmail[dot]com

Reservation Validity
Reservation is valid only for 3 days. Payments should be made within 3 days.
When payments are not sent after 3 days, you will receive a notification that your reservation has expired. Reservation will be given to the next person on the list.

Banko De Oro payments
Payment instructions will be sent with the confirmation text/email.

FREE shipping for orders within the Philippines.
For international orders, purchaser will shoulder shipping costs.

New Designs Announcements
When a new design is printed, an announcement will be made at 1 week ahead, so that everyone can know the date and time of when the reservation begins.
Tip: Set your cellphone alarm 10 minutes earlier of reservation date and time.

Only owners of authentic Creavolution shirts are registered as "Masters Of The Shirt."